Ready Made Companies Spain in 24 hours

The incorporation of a Spanish liability company and the allocation of a legal business address require several processes in different institutions and can take up to between 40 and 60 days to complete. With CACPLUS you can have ready made companies Spain in less than 24 hours.

At CACPLUS, experienced lawyers and professional economists provide business advice for the incorporation, transfer and selling of companies. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, confidentiality and swift service.

Our ready made companies Spain are private limited liability companies incorporated in accordance with the Spanish legislation in force, with no assets or liabilities, with no debt, and with no previous activity (which are certified before a Notary Public), in order to provide entrepreneurs with the option to have a Spanish Limited Company immediately at their disposal.

Through our on-line application process, you can apply to establish a Spanish limited company in a quick, easy, professional, secure and confidential manner, or choose from our ready-made companies the one that best meets your requirements.

Bear in mind that it is possible to modify the company name at any time if you so wish.

Through our company acquisition service we make available registered private limited companies, established according to current commercial legislation and immediately operational.

We ensure immediate availability of ready made companies: The acquisition process is completed in less than 24 hours with the business registered under your name.

Anonymity of new share holders is guaranteed as share transfer is not registered on the Spanish Commercial Register.

We guarantee the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. Our professional staff is strictly obliged to uphold professional secrecy.

We manage the deeds for the following:

  • Official registration of the director’s nomination agreements, change of the business address and modification of the corporate purpose
  • Share transfer for the acquired company.

We offer registered companies:

  • Established in the preceding 12 months, without any previous activity or debts of any kind, without assets or liabilities (certified before a notary).
  • With a broad company purpose that can be further extended if required.
  • Listed on the Spanish Commercial Register, as legally required.
  • Supplied with an allocated CIF number.
  • Operational from the moment of acquisition.
  • With share capital of € 3,000 totally funded by means and with a current Spanish bank account.
  • Without the need for share capital outlay on your part.
  • Notary Certification of absence of debts and previous commercial inactivity.

Advantages of Ready Made Companies Spain

There are numerous advantages to CACPLUS’ ready made companies Spain transfer service:


Transfer of ready made companies in less than 24 hours, ready and fully operational from the moment the contract is signed. Our swift service means you won’t have to wait to start work with your own operative company.


Have at your immediate disposal your own operational company. We have a plethora of suitable companies available for any type of business activity, all registered on the Spanish Commercial Registry. Enjoy immediate availability of a permanent CIF for your selected company, without having to endure not only the cumbersome company transferral process but also tax payment management, formalities and the costs associated with the Spanish Commercial Registry.

In short, our service saves you making journeys, enduring waiting times and undergoing processes. Furthermore, share capital outlay is unnecessary since it has already been deposited and recorded in the company’s accounts.


The Deed of Share Transfer certifies the absence of existing debts and charges and legal rights over the company. Alongside this, a notary’s certificate is provided, guaranteeing the company’s inactivity at all times prior to the transfer.


The Deed of Share Transfer is not registered on the Spanish Commercial Registry, allowing the name and other personal details of new business partners to remain out of the public domain.


We prepare companies to suit the needs of our clients. Any changes you require to the legal arrangements of the company (for example, the type of company, the corporate purpose or any amendment to aspects of the articles of association) will be included in the legal documentation provided by the notary at the time of signing.


At CACPLUS, we offer a consultancy and management department covering a number of different professional areas; Fiscal (completion of tax forms), Human Resources (Drawing up of work contracts, extensions, monthly payslips, social insurance) and Accountancy (preparation of obligatory accounts, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts). These services will provide the most efficient company management to benefit your interests.

Through our ON-LINE form, you can provide us with all the necessary information to proceed with the transfer of your chosen ready made companies Spain.

The step by step process below outlines how to proceed with your application:

  • Choose the company that best suits your needs from our list of registered companies.
  • Send the completed application form.
  • Pay the deposit to reserve the selected company.
  • Specification of the day, hour and notary to complete the signing of the transfer of the reserved company.
  • Sign the deeds and submit the following documents in the presence of a notary; Spanish Commercial Register inscription deed, company CIF, Certificate of Non-fiscal Indebtedness, transfer deeds of shares, Articles of Association and bank account contract). Also required at this point in the process is the payment of the outstanding balance for the transfer of the reserved company and allocation of the business address which, if required, can be located at our business centre.
  • Once the documents have been signed in the presence of a notary, we take care of the final part of the process which involves: collection of notary deeds and enrolment on the Spanish Commercial Register of the Articles of Association Deeds.

Below you will find our prices for transfers of operative, legally authorised limited companies.

BASE PRICE: € 1,335 + 21% VAT


CONCEPT Incluided Additional
Constitution deeds, recorded at the Commercial Registry Yes
Tax ID Number (also called CIF or NIF) Yes
Notary registered guarantee of non-former activity Yes
Notary registered guarantee of non-debt Yes
Notary deeds for the protocols of the Social Agreements Yes
Removal and appointment of new Director Yes
Change of Governing Board Yes
Statement of sole shareholder Yes
Change or expansion of corporate purpose Yes
Transfer of Social Address within the Province Yes
Notary Deed of Transfer of company shares Yes
Spanish Bank account Yes
Registration with the Commercial Registry No 400€
Transfer of Social Address outside the Province No 250€
Change of Corporate name No 150€
Power of Attorney to Third Parties without registration No 150€
Power of Attorney to Third Parties with registration No 250€
Additional share-holder (more than 4) No Request
Additional Director (more than 4) No Request
Virtual Office (registered address) – per month No 45€

Main characteristics

  • Fast service, sign the very next day
  • Established and Operative Companies
  • CIF
  • Fully paid-up share capital
  • Modification of company name possible at any time
  • Broad and modifiable corporate purpose
  • Notary certification of non-former activity and non-debt
  • Spanish Bank Account