Company registered address in Calle París – Josep Tarradellas

Carrer París – Barcelona – starting 27 Euros/month


The registered address service for businesses and companies is ideal for any type of business, professional or self-employed, that wants to transmit a serious and professional image at all times. Everything you need to focus on your business with the best image and always attended.

Our Business Centre in Barcelona is located on Calle París next to Josep Tarradellas, just a few minutes from Sants station. We offer all the professional services that your company may need, including the reception of all correspondence and, if required, you have at your disposal several meeting rooms that you can rent by the hour.

The price of the service includes:

  • Use of the address as a registered address for business, fiscal and commercial purposes.
  • Use of the address on all the company’s corporate stationery, website and Google MyBusiness.
  • Reception of all your business correspondence, including small parcels, registered and urgent deliveries.
  • Custody of all your company’s correspondence.
  • Immediate notification by email upon receipt of important mailE.g. registered or express mail, messenger service, burofax, parcels, etc.
  • Possibility of forwarding the scanned correspondenceAn additional cost of €0.50/sheet will be applied per email.
  • The possibility of forwarding of your correspondenceAn additional cost equal to the postage + 3€ per shipment will be applied by post.
  • Use of the address as a delivery and/or collection point for your customers and suppliers.
  • Personalised attention to possible visits that you may receive and immediate notification by email with the details of the visit.
  • Access to a meeting room or office by the hour – cost from €18/hour.


The price indicated is monthly or yearly depending on the plan selected at the time of booking.

You may cancel the contract at any time, with 1 month’s notice.

A deposit of € 60.00 is charged and will be returned at the end of the contract.

Save 10%

Select the annual plan and save 10%!

Monthly plan Annual plan
Company registered address 30.00 € 360.00 €
10% discount for annual payment -36.00 €
VAT 21% 6.30 € 68.04 €
Deposit 60.00 € 60.00 €
Total (VAT included) 96.30 € 452.04 €


NOTE: You will receive the exact address once you have made the booking.