Answers to frequently asked questions.

What does the term business centre mean?

Business centres offer complete office solutions for individuals and businesses on extremely flexible rental terms. Offices in a business centre come fully furnished and equipped, and give you access to a wide range of shared facilities, as well as experienced administrative staff.

The cost of serviced offices may seem high at first glance. But because the price includes all the expenses of running an office – not just the rent – they are an extraordinarily cost-effective solution.

With traditional offices, you have to navigate the costly and time-consuming world of setting up and configuring your workspace. Before you can be productive, you must:

  • pay for altering office space
  • sign a fixed-length office lease
  • provide office furniture
  • contract with multiple service providers (phone, Internet, maintenance)
  • hire an office staff
  • buy or rent office equipment
  • build or configure connectivity infrastructure
  • spend time, resources and money
  • With CACPLUS business centre, your office space solutions are a single phone call or mouse click away. Simply plug in your computer and start working — and leave the rest to us.

What does the office rent include?

Usually you pay a monthly overhead per person to lease fully serviced office space. This price includes rent and taxes, as well as amenities such as furniture, heating, air-conditioning, broadband, lighting, maintenance, receptionist services, cleaning, security, and access to kitchen and toilet facilities. You pay only for use of meeting and conference rooms, photocopiers, printers, and other facilities as you go.

The final price will depend on the size of the office space requested, the terms of the lease and the scope of services included.

What are the lease terms?

Lease terms differ from one Business Centre to another. Generally, they depend on the agreed price level, the length of the agreed tenancy, and how much you wish to adapt the office space. Normally the duration period may vary as from one month to several months o even years.

Please remember that lease terms are always tailored to your specific needs. For example, the price will be affected if you want the option of terminating the lease early, or of enlarging or reducing the size of the office during tenancy.

Who uses serviced offices and business centres?

More and more businesses make use of serviced offices and business centres to help deal with rapidly changing market situations. They are ideal for single proprietor businesses, entrepreneurs, branch office for medium size businesses, as well as large-scale international companies, regardless of sector or industry.

Business centres allow you to adapt your business on short notice as your needs change. They also allow you to focus on your core competencies and the running of your actual business, from an office environment that works faultlessly 24 hours a day, all year round, and without the hassle of practical problems during your workday.

In a serviced office or business centre, you are guaranteed that your office space meets your high standards while avoiding fluctuating overheads and excessive capital outlay.

Difference between business centre and conventional office space?

Unlike traditional office space, business centres give you flexibility and fixed monthly overheads.

By using a serviced office space, you avoid long-term leases and have the option of moving in and out at short notice. A serviced office is also highly flexible in terms of the size of the leased office space – enlarging the office space as your business grows is always fast and easy, as is reducing space if your numbers decrease. This flexibility gives you great long-term savings in the long run.

Compared to conventional office space (with its many unforeseen expenses), you always know what your monthly overheads will be with a serviced office because the rent includes most office expenses.

Advantages of leasing serviced office space in a business centre?

No start-up costs, Moving into a serviced office or business centre is simple and requires no start-up costs. The office owner has already made all the necessary investments including IT and telephone systems, furniture, meeting rooms, photocopiers and reception area with qualified personnel.

Lease on your terms, Serviced office leases are usually very flexible and tailored to meet your needs. You can rent for one month or several years, and can adapt the office to accommodate as many employees you business may need at any time.

Low monthly overhead, Serviced offices give you low overheads that can be budgeted with great certainty. The rent includes nearly all the expenses of operating an office, which means there are no unforeseen expenses such as photocopier repairs or renovations. In fact, compared to conventional office space, you can save 40% on your total office expenses.

Flexible office dimensions, Serviced offices are designed to enable your business to grow without having to relocate or search for larger facilities. This means you can start with a one-person office and grow in the same building. In the long run, this gives you fewer overheads and saves you relocation costs.

What is a virtual office?

A CACPLUS virtual office provides all the benefits of a prime office location, without the need for you to be there. Virtual offices offer a vital prime zone business address. Professional virtual office operators offer live call handling using your business name. Your CACPLUS virtual office number is equipped with seamless call forwarding so you’ll never miss a call. Plus you have 24-hour remote access to your virtual office voicemail. Even if you expand or relocate, you’ll never have to change your business address.

When you’re on the road you have access to secretarial services. Mail received at your virtual office business address can be forwarded anywhere in the world by postal mail or facsimile or held for pickup. With a CACPLUS virtual office you can have an instant professional presence for less than a Euro a day.

What are the benefits for start-up companies?

The first few months are critical for a new business. You need fast results and often don’t have the time to focus on the teething problems inherent in a new office. At the same time, you have the ability to function as an established business from day one, with a receptionist and meeting facilities.

Business centres eliminate unforeseen expenses and administrative tasks that are not directly related to the running of your business. You can also easily expand your office at any time. This makes adapting to the changes in your business simple. Also, if you need less space, you don’t have to pay for unused office space.

Serviced offices and business centres are also dynamic, inspirational environments. You can often find important partners and clients in the building and will have colleagues to chat with during your breaks.

What are the benefits for established companies?

As an established company, you can use a serviced office for short-term projects or as local office space in a foreign country. Serviced offices also help you bridge a gap between two lease periods, provide you with office space in times of rapid growth and enable you to install a team near a client.

Serviced offices and business centres also enable you to outsource your office operations, so you don’t have to do tasks that are not directly related to your business, giving you time to focus on your core competencies. You no longer have to spend time fixing a photocopier that doesn’t work, covering for a sick receptionist, or renegotiating a contract with a cleaning company. And you save money at the same time, as there are considerable economies of scale to be achieved by using serviced office space.

And you don’t lose your personal touch by moving into a serviced office. When you can’t answer the phone, it is answered by a receptionist who uses your company name.